April 05, 2017

Meanwhile at Hillhead Farm: Yellow; yellow everywhere, the colour of Spring!

Following the early snowdrops, varied yellows have flowered in a rush - daffodils, celandines, primroses, vetch, tormentil;  flags, buttercups, all against the vanilla scented flowers of gorse.

The early lambs have enjoyed a Winter infinitely better than last years, when it rained incessantly for three months. No calves as yet, but one foal 'Rabbit' and awaiting another.

We have introduced some "guest products" at the markets - goose eggs, wild rabbits, black and white puddings. At Broadway Market organic whole milk yoghurt is very popular. These products are not yet available in the webshop, but watch this space! Our business is always changing and we have a special beef product in the pipeline.

Sarah, who has been assisting Lizzie at Borough Market, is moving on and we will miss her cheerfulness and selling talent but wish her well. The upside is I get to see you more at Borough Market as I will be helping Lizzie to make sure she gets to spend time with her first grandchild who provides wonderful distraction.

A very Happy Easter from all of us at Wild Beef.