Meanwhile at Hillhead Farm: October 2015

This has been a Summer of goodbyes. Both our longstanding helpers have left; Rachael to look after her family; and Margriet; to see more of the world - starting with Iceland. They are much missed, and not only by our customers.

And then our swallows left.  Two broods, and ten chicks were raised in our back porch, only feet from our heads.  One day they were wheeling and squealing, and the next – silence, gone on their great adventure, leaving behind two cardboard mats thick with “guano”. How many insects went to make that weight of waste I wonder! 

Spring was lovely and Summer seems to have come and gone almost sheepishly. A good harvest of silage in July, with a second cut off rented fields to come later this month; the cows running with Jubilee for nine weeks (they cycle every three), before being returned to the moor and their Summer sabbatical. 

As the country comes out of holiday mode, the balance between visitors and home shoppers changed markedly. Borough has a dearth of good English products, which are sought by tourists. We are endeavouring to address that, not least by soon offering some of the very fine cheeses to emanate from Somerset, Devon and Cornwall. We’ve been doing a lot of cheese tasting and will share the results with you soon…be sure to watch this space!

Richard Vines
Richard Vines