June 16, 2017

We are open as normal at both Borough Market and Broadway Market this week after the attack. We look forward to catching up, Richard & Lizzie

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Meanwhile at Hillhead Farm: Yellow; yellow everywhere, the colour of Spring!

April 05, 2017

Following the early snowdrops, varied yellows have flowered in a rush - daffodils, celandines, primroses, vetch, tormentil;  flags, buttercups, all against the vanilla scented flowers of gorse.The early lambs have enjoyed a Winter infinitely better than last years, when it rained incessantly for three months. No calves as yet, but one foal 'Rabbit' and awaiting another. We have introduced some "guest products" at the markets - goose eggs, wild rabbits, black and white puddings. At Broadway Market organic whole milk yoghurt is very popular. These products are not yet available in the webshop, but watch this space! Our business is always changing and we have a special beef product in the pipeline. Sarah, who has been assisting Lizzie at Borough...

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Richard's Blog - September warmth & a Luing Bull

September 28, 2016

Sunday – a grand walk in the morning sun to herd the cattle away from the road, and across the river to the Assycombe Ridge, and relative safety from speeding traffic. Such hikes are often rewarded with autumnal wild produce – blackberries, whortleberries and mushrooms, including the magic variety for those so inclined. Berries this year have been unusually prolific, especially those of the Rowan and Hawthorn. Our avian winter visitors have a feast in store for them, although they tend to gorge themselves and then be short later on.  The September warmth together with the rains, have given a flush of grass. And the moor, if anything, is under-stocked. The heather has recovered well, but is now inhibited by...

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Meanwhile at Hillhead Farm: May 2016

May 27, 2016

Living and working where we do, I am not given to complaining about the weather, but the incessant deluges vested upon the hills from October until March have tested the most stoic, and has proved debilitating for humans and animals alike. Only now is there sufficient grass and warmth to turnout the weaned calves – one month later than usual. The flowers, though, kept faith and did their best to brighten lives. Primroses and daffodils emerged before Christmas, while the snowdrops refused to appear before time – how/why?       Now with the advent of violets the countryside is bursting with colour, most noticeably the late primroses in swathes as never before. And most beautiful of all are the hillsides of mixed...

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